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SEO Prodigy is a full service web marketing consulting agency specializing in search engine engine optimization. I offer very simple, consistent and transparent strategies to increase local organic search.

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Responsible for research and implementation of advanced Search Engine Optimization strategies for Small Businesses of Fortune 500 companies.

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Performance based and results driven SEO solutions.

Chad Klingensmith, Founder of SEO Prodigy

I am a no-nonsense search marketing professional. I believe simplicity and consistency help modern day web marketers achieve long term profitability.


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Our Local SEO and General SEO Management services can generate more customers for your business.

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My Strategies Are Responsible For Thousands Of First Page Rankings For Our Fortune 500 Clients.

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Simple And Transparent Process For Implementing The Right Strategy For Your Search Marketing Efforts.

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With Over A Decade Of Adapting To The Constantly Changing Dynamics Of Search Marketing, I Provide Strategies That Are Working Now And Deliver The Visibility Your Company Needs For Success.

Let my experience be your guide 

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Our client's reviews

Competence, candor and responsiveness are three words that describe Chad Klingensmith’s level of professionalism. When I recently was at wits end on an SEO technical problem that other gurus couldn't unravel, Chad stepped in and immediately knew what to do to resolve the problem, explain the root of the problem (Google... are you listening?) and present the solution in a clear manner. Could you call it simple competence when a SEO technical expert knows the solution that other top-flight SEO pros couldn't answer? Maybe that's too mild.
Celeste Bishop
Founder of Bishop Market Resources
Chad and SEO Prodigy are a great option when looking for personal SEO consulting. Chad is comprehensive, and professional. He brings the concepts of SEO to his clients in a way that is understandable and practical. He sent my company a personally written report of his findings / suggestions along with the formal keyword report. Excellent.
Austin Helton
Titan Growth
Chad is a marketing professional who can provide the appropriate and actionable advice on online marketing for the companies in all stages.
Clara Eunmi Koh
Wunder Mobility
Chad provides professional level service in the search marketing field. He was able to move our search results to the first page of our target keyword within several months. Over the years our placement has remained very high, even when he wasn't finessing our HTML. As my SEO mentor and coach, he has taught me a valuable skill and I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again.
Jessica Sams
Website Content and Communications Specialist